Tamara Maat is a native Egyptian medicine woman who heals with the guidance and help of mainly Ancient Egyptian Spirit and elements of Nature. The Magic of the Sacred Land of the Nile manifests through her voice and light energy, aiding in the healing and Sacred Transformation of individuals who choose to work with her.
The name Tamara Maat is the practitioner’s channeled Soul Name. Tamara is Hebrew/Hindi, meaning palm tree, while Maat is the Ancient Egyptian goddess of balance, harmony, order, law and justice.

Childhood Connection:

Since her early childhood, Maryam, Tamara’s birth name, has felt an inexplicable connection to everything ancient Egyptian. She had only visited the sacred cities of Luxor and Aswan too early in her life that she could recall any memories. She knew she was different to most of her peers, yet had no understanding as to why she was always passionate to everything Ancient Egyptian: temples, hieroglyphics, mythology, etc.

The First Buds, Dogma and the Freedom Journey:

As a girl who always wanted to be “good,” Maryam fell into the trap of dogma, a journey which cost her slightly over a decade of her life, after which she finally freed herself and, unknowingly, put herself on the journey of discovering more than she ever could imagine.

While trapped into that rigid lifestyle and belief prison, she found her way to spirituality in 2008 and she felt like she had finally found something that responded to the extraordinary she had always been thirsty for. She started with a Reiki session she attended “by chance,” and how it affected her prompted her to embark on her spiritual discovery journey.

She learned the basics of qigong which she practiced for more than a year. For that period, 2008-2012, she learned about basic palmistry, morphopsychology, dream interpretation, tarots, NLP, sacred dance, crystal healing and Reiki. One of the pivotal moments in her life was when she discovered the importance of following her intuition upon reading a book in 2009.

In 2011, Maryam took a major step towards changing her life through her decision to take off the veil, shattering false beliefs of superficiality for spiritual connection. Since then, she let her inherent beliefs of love, justice and tolerance surface, and this created many mainly subconscious conflicts with the teachings of whatever dogma that was left within her.

Towards the end of 2012, she suffered from PTSD after a car accident, and that started a series of events that forced her out of her chosen lifestyle of full-time corporate work. She was also broken up with, ended her consumer life in Kuwait where she’d been living for a year, and finally made the decision to come back to Egypt to start over. That period was the main one that taught her of the sacred relationship between chaos, destruction, transformation and rebirth.

By early 2013, the remaining dogma had exited her life, and she promised herself she would only let her own heart and mind be her compass in finding the Truth of the universe. For some reason she did not comprehend, she was not convinced she’d find answers through books, like other peers of hers did.

The First Glimpse:

After many delays that lasted all her life, Maryam was finally able to visit Aswan in February 2014. She visited Abu Simbel Temple on the solar alignment day, and while waiting to witness the miraculous phenomenon inside the hall, she was called to meditate. Once she posed herself and closed her eyes, she was showered with white and golden divine lights of Hathor. That was Maryam’s first initiation, where she received the knowledge that she was meant to be different from the majority of her own society, as she had the task of helping create change.

Breaking the Heart Open:

In October 2014, Maryam went through the most difficult break up of her life, yet she was the one who chose it, knowing it was the only option that fit with her promise of growth. In November, she had an astrology/kundalini-yoga workshop with the renowned Kaypatcha Lescher, during which, for the first time in her life, she saw three visions of her past lives. In December, she had an encounter where reincarnation and karma became “tangible” to her. Around the same time, she suddenly developed a longing to learn witchcraft. She had no idea how she would learn, but she truly desired it.

The Initiations:

  • 2015

Nine days after she turned 35, exactly January 23rd, Maryam had her first Holotropic-Breathwork workshop where Spirit purified her and initiated her into shamanism. It was during this event that she learned Ancient-Egyptian meditative poses, and first used the ankh, scarab and the Cross in healing. Her connection with the Sun was established.

On February 10th, it was finally the day of her Karnak visit. The previous day, she had found her precious alabaster stone, and intuitively bought some herbs to use the next day during meditation in Sekhmet’s chamber. Once she entered the sacred room, she was not able to look Sekhmet in the eyes, she organized her little “altar” at the feet of the statue, and was left alone to meditate.

To her surprise, as the visions started, she also started humming some chants in a low voice. To her mind, it was something she’d never done before and was quite shocking. To her heart, she was astonished because she “knew” this was “hers”—it was never “not her.”

Leaving the chamber, she thought she spent 15-20 minutes, but she was told she remained an hour. She thought the chanting was a one-time encounter, but when she returned to the chamber a few days later (now able to look Sekhmet in the eyes), and when she went back home in Cairo, but she was going to learn the chanting was there to stay.

For the coming six weeks, she would spontaneously meditate and chant in her own room, using herbs, incense, candles and other natural elements. Whenever she did healing on someone, she would notice everything about the healing was different from Reiki of which she was a master practitioner. On Spring Equinox, she held the first group circle with some of Egypt’s well-known healers. The way they reacted to her after grounding made her realize that the energy she was now channeling was very special. It was also that night when she did a healing and found herself performing exorcism very naturally and succeeding at it.

A week later, she was inspired the word “sekhem” and was instructed to google it, and finally learned what she was now practicing is called Sekhem Healing.

  • 2016

Come 2016, the universal year 9 of completion, Maryam found herself forced into a stage of reflection and maturity. The first lesson she came across was to finally trust her intuition fully and unconditionally, trusting the ultimate wisdom in the path drawn in front of her. She channeled soul name, Tamara Maat, on two phases in March (Tamara) and April (Maat). As excited as she was about the arrival of Spring, her only brother had a bus turnover, upon which he suffered torturous pain and crossed over, 37 days later. The pain, helplessness and heartbreak taught her priceless lessons in surrender, humility, acceptance, and trusting Divine wisdom. Because of her work on herself on that period, she was initiated mainly by Maat exactly two weeks after the day of death and was promised continuous support, blessing and guidance.

In June, as Tamara was about to start a healing circle dedicated to her brother’s soul, she found she was running the whole circle in ancient language, along with the chanting, without the use of English or Arabic. She finally had the effect of the Maat initiation activated. Later during the same month, Tamara fulfilled the calling to Sinai and had multiple initiations during the solstice, full moon, and then during a shamanic session she sat for, where she channeled the star language, Meïa, which shaman Lydia Buffalo who worked on her had channeled before. Both languages are used to deprogram old beliefs, and reprogram and/or initiate.

The Conscious Twin-Flame Journey

In August 2016, Maryam was back to an ex in a way that was illogical and inexplicable to her. Around October, she had received enough signs and visions telling her it was her twin flame. The journey remained during several minor unions and separations until she was finally able to let go of the emotional attachment in July 2017. The journey was extremely fruitful as it helped her shed tons of layers because of all the mirroring that took place, and she also shared her knowledge with the world through her writings.

First Spiritual Hermitage

Tamara was called on her first spiritual hermitage to be in Luxor for a total of three months late 2016 and early 2017. The hermitage, having taken place during Tamara’s twin-flame journey, was a focused camp for her work on her own shadow. In addition to that, this is where and when she downloaded the Arcturian healing and the Brilliance Pleiadian Upgrade System.

The journey was full of countless spiritually-special moments including Sekhmet having come alive for Tamara in her Chamber. That period of time is also when Tamara started receiving people for spiritual journeys in Luxor and discovered how rich and potent the land is in an ever-changing way, always offering exactly what the Seeker needs.