A special word of thanks and gratitude to Maryam Maat who is so truthful in her work with us. Maryam, your channeling was so accurate that it resonated with me to the core! Still in a bit of shock. The work you do with Twin Flames is vital in our ascension process, helping us to evolve as individuals as a unit and as a collective. You have been sent for such a time as this. Peace and Many Blessing unto you.
Sherral Mc Adam
Maryam seems to have a natural ability to sense energy ailments. My physical vitality was not well for a few months and it made me stop exercising for a while, then after just 1 day of Maryam’s semi-guided Wadjet meditation, my physical wellbeing reignited, and on a span of two weeks, consistently got better. In this period I also experienced an enhanced ability to focus and be much more present all day
Hesham Abu Mariah
At first I was skeptical with Maryam PLR hypnosis technique, but at the count of ten when my eyes fell closed of their own accord I was intrigued. The next thing I know I was living a past life in my head, and it helped me understand a very major issue in my life, one I’ve been trying to work on for years. For me, it was a life changing experience, in which I’m thankful to have had you as my guide.
Nourhan Fahmy
I tried different kinds of spiritual practices ranging from simple meditation to holotropic breathwork. Maryam’s was indisputably the most powerful. She helped me connect to my divine feminine and remove blocks from past lives and psychological traumas. I believe her meditations were of great help to my soul journey. Maryam has also been the person behind the paradigm shift that happened to me in the way I approach and communicate with God. I’d definitely say her heart, full of all religions combined, is a heart of a true “daa’eya”, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.
Yomna Yousef
Frankly speaking, her work works with me…. I was suffering for years from insomnia and after one mini session with her, I immediately went to a corner and fell asleep. It is exactly what I needed. She is really professional and knows what she is doing.
Mohamed Yosri
I’m infinitely grateful that Spirit crossed my path with Tamara! Her healing and reading sessions were powerful and truly transformative! Her compassionate and personal approach together with her shamanic skills crystallized a deep undergoing issue for me and helped me step firmly on my path. Blessed be, beautiful soul!
Svetlana Petkova
Tamara’s chanting is one of the most delicious experiences I have encountered within the work of sound and healing. Her unique gifts, dedicated attention and skillful navigation allow for a powerful unlocking and impactful experience. If you have been longing for something different, be prepared to be overwhelmed from the very first session. Whether in a group or individually, once you give yourself to the waves of Tamara’s voice and open to the experience, you may feel the shift at the speed of sound. Having experienced Tamara’s work and chanting and the sacred sites of Luxor and in private in Cairo, I express admiration to her gifts and joy at seeing her creating more opportunities for others to experience so. Princess Diana said: “Everybody has something to give. Everybody has something to share”. If only we all knew the true meaning of it, we would be queuing to experience each others’ gifts and talents. But first we need to unlock them, learn about them and offer to share. Since Tamara has done it herself, you can expect that she understands the journey and the process.
Monika Sleszynska
In one session of PLR hypnosis with her, she was able to spare me from the ideas of suicide I had all my life.
Yara Shahwan
I met Tamara in 2015 when she had not long returned from a spontaneous initiation in Luxor. Tamara is a beautiful native Egyptian woman, with a deep connection with the amazing Sekhmet.
Not long after she met me she invited me to have a beautiful Sekhem healing which she did with such grace and poise it was beautiful to behold.
I feel a warm, loving and genuine connection with Ancient Egypt that exudes from her – sounds that are reminiscent of a bygone era and testimony to her connection to the Goddess energy of Egypt.
Her style is deeply shamanic yet authentically Egyptian, derived from the truth of this magical land. The feelings I had within this session were deeply humbling and quite indescribable but through this I was able to find my voice that had long since been buried under doubt and unworthiness.
As an ancient Priestess, Tamara knows what it is to truly empower others who are ready for her. The next step is yours to decide.
Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall , Ancient Priestess and founder of Earthspirit Pathways
I met Tamara in 2016, it was like meeting her again, like we met before many times. She took me to her healing center because we wanted to sing together and share our medicine energies. As soon as she began to sing, I had a clear vision of Osiris, then Hathor coming above her and sending pure light energy through her, it was so joyful and powerful! I immediately felt and acknowledged that the sounds that were coming through her were the sounds the Ancient Egyptian priestesses would use to connect with the gods and bring their knowledge into the world. These sounds would open doors very quickly to sacred dimensions. I received a lot from this moment, I was filled with grace and energy.
Another time, we went to Fayoum together and she sang by the fire. I saw Anubis coming at this moment, she called him. She definitely has this capacity to put us in contact with the ancient esoteric tradition of Egypt. I myself am very connected to this cosmogony and I met lots of people saying they have this connection but in my experience, very few actually have it in such a lightning way.
I believe the key to connection to the spirits is in the sound. Some people are naturals, she’s one of them, an ancient priestess that came back in order to offer guidance and healing as the ancients used to do.
Lydia Thunder Buffalo, Tradipractitioner
First time for me to witness your work (or any type spiritual work, really), it was very inviting… AND YOUR SINGING VOICE! OH MY GOD. Be blessed, sweet soul.
Emmy Epperson
Ever since I was guided to Tamara, my life has changed. I can only say that the healings and readings I have had with her have been mind blowing, earth shaking, and life altering…She and her guides are on point! She helped me see myself and who I am and that has made all the difference for me! If you’re thinking of doing a session, don’t wait! Do it!!!
Margarita Valera
I only joined the free live moon ritual, and let me say that I still have this critical mind that can sometimes judge yet I felt in my core that this time I have to attend remotely. I sat there and tried to put my worries and skeptical thoughts aside. At start I didn’t feel much, then I began to feel drowsy. I thought to myself like wow she must be good to make me feel like that sitting in front of a screen. Then I started to feel numbness. The later came to my surprise, a surge of bubbling energy that started to increase in my belly area. It was so obvious that it made me astounded and at the end I felt heavy I couldn’t just stand up so quickly. It was an amazing experience to me. Regardless of what you think, you need to cast your judgement and skepticism aside and give yourself the chance to experience it for yourself. You won’t regret it.
Sarah El-Warraky
Maryam is following her own path in a fierce and incredibly brave manner. She is obviously one of the chosen who get bestowed with the gift of light and healing. With her amazing gift, she helps me to reveal my true self and overcome obstacles that had held me back and that I couldn’t name before she removed them. At the same time, she is as down to earth as one can be and is easy to talk to about any problem I might have. I am grateful that I met her and I trust that she will help me on my own path with her energy, light and compassionate healing presence.
Verena G.
I remember before my experience with Maryam, I told her a lot of people tried doing this before and they always give me this demonic look after they try reading me. She didn’t mind at all and decided to go through with it. When she started at the beginning I was trying to figure out what she was saying or doing, but gradually my focus started to fade away and I started feeling this intensity inside my mind. I remember I saw one black ball and flames , at the moment (before she explains to me) I didn’t know what was that , but I didn’t fear it , I actually had the curiosity to go with the flow and see where that takes me. I can’t find any word to describe the experience other than “intense”, she made me realise that there is a huge part of my conscience/awareness that has yet to be discovered.
Mohamed Raouf
One of the best bonding experiences my husband and I ever tried. Maryam was helpful in her guidance and not once did it feel pressuring. We both ended up feeling a connection stronger than ever by the end of the session. The cynic that I am, I was in shock and awe when my husband and I both ended up having the same vision of two flames. Our visions weren’t identical but when we detailed them to Maryam she explained how they complimented each other. Afterwards she gave some wonderful advice that we still follow and she has given us great insight on our relationship. She was pleased to meet a twin-flame couple, and we were honored to be her first.
Yara Elsayes
Evelyne Scerbo, Holistic Consultant and Integrative Homeopath
Meeting Maryam was a fresh break to the soul, and that’s the beauty of her spirit, a burning determination, a strong will and a deep knowing flaming her to follow the light.
We then met again in a group, where she led a meditation. The chanting that I heard then was a resonance from the past; I immediately saw her Goddess soul glowing with golden light. My experience of Maryam’s mediations, chanting circles, spiritual channeling, Sekhem healing, and portal activations are quite profound, deep, true and enchanting.
Maryam’s newly found shamanic language came as no surprise to me, as I witnessed her developing fast on her path serving humanity. The images I get when I meditate with Maryam are the strongest testimonial to her true connection to the ancient Egyptian archetypes and her ability to invoke the corresponding symbols required for healing. Her channeled messages are always in resonance with universal flow and I believe she has a big role to play in the current ascension of the world.
Soha Radwan, Visionary, Reiki Master, BioTouch Practitioner & Self Development Counselor
I would like to appreciate and thank Tamara for a one-hell of a kind incredible Sekhem-healing session after which my shoulder pain was completely gone, and during which I thankfully felt indescribable negative energies and sensations lifted off of me, following years of suffering from them. Everyday I feel lighter and lighter as years of carrying a heavy load are dissolving with an incredibly surprising reaction from everyone and everything surrounding me as well. Truly I can’t recommend Tamara’s Sekhmet healing sessions enough, but I’m sure they will heal those they’re meant to. Bless you!
Yasmine Altawdy
I first met with Maryam (later on to evolve into the spiritual Tamara Maat) a few years ago at a spiritual gathering. I was part of a chanting meditation that she guided which was absolutely magical and which blew my soul away. I felt the presence of other dimensions and invited her to guide a meditation in one of my events. I could foresee that this was to be the beginning of a powerful spiritual transformation! What I could not foresee, however, was Maryam blossoming and turning into the powerful spirit of Tamara Maat. I cannot explain nor understand it; all I know is that Tamara Maat’s channeling is amazingly powerful and definitely comes from different dimensions!
Dr. Soraya Duval de Dampierre, Wellness Consultant
I had 2 sessions with Tamara till now, both healing and reading, and in both times she touched areas in my mind and heart I´ve never knew they even existed.. results in my case where instant and of great value… keep up the great job Tamara!
Lamia Hassanein, Lotus Wholeness Center
One Hour with Tamara Maat opened my inner eye and helped me to accept that something I had big fear for many years ..is actually my leading Goddess. Tamara Maat has incredible connection to higher dimensions and I am very thankful for knowing her.
Tamara Kusic