Signature Healing

This is the basic one-on-one energy healing session. It ranges between 40-60 minutes depending on when the healer intuitively wraps up the work. The healer connects to the subject face-to-face, by video connection (on Facebook Messenger).

Tamara’s signature healing session is always a unique experience as no session is the same. Once in the healing room, spiritual guidance is used in order to know which energy system to use, how and when. Usually only one energy is used during the session, but often the energies would be used in turn if needed. Typically, one session could result in life-transforming changes, yet with deeper issues and high resistance, a series of sessions is sometimes advised.

You could opt for this healing if you suffer from any symptoms and just for developed wellness. It is also a suitable choice if it is your first session, and/or if you know you need help but cannot determine in which way. The energy flows into you providing the amount of healing you are ready to receive.


Psychic Readings

A quick, concise technique that has been channeled to Tamara to identify main information of the subject’s chakras and aura, telling of his/her power attributes and issues that need work.

Tamara integrates several techniques to receive divine guidance for the querent. A mix of Sekhem Doll* (Tamara’s unique reading technique), tarots and plain psychic reading is utilized. Whether the intent is for a general reading or a specific purpose, Tamara’s 30 or 60-minute readings give massive clarity about the current situation and suggestion on where to head and how. Examples of reading intentions include but are NOT limited to: relationship, twin-flame, life purpose, and career.

(*Sekhem Doll is a quick, concise technique that has been channeled to Tamara to identify main information of the subject’s chakras and aura, telling of his/her power attributes and issues that need work.)


Voice Your Truth

ONLY OFFERED IN A PACKAGE OF FOUR SESSIONS. These are specialized sessions where, through guiding a very special type of meditation that teaches chanting, opens the throat first and leads up to opening other chakras. The opening of the throat chakra which is the principle reason of Voice Your Truth leads to connecting to one’s truth, life purpose, and encourages healthier ways of communication and self expression. In further sessions, this talent is strengthened and the “Truth” is made to connect to other chakras helping round a person’s authentic way of living. As another life-changing side effect, the client usually ends up chanting on their own, having acquired the gift themselves through the energy and practice in the sessions.


On-site Spiritual Journeys

This service is the deepest, most intense and usually the most-life changing of all Tamara’s. Answering the Call to the Nile Valley where Tamara’s gifts have been channeled and developed, the healer takes the seeker on a journey unlike any other, helping the seeker tap into ALL the healing energies of the land, learning about the ancient civilization, shedding the old, transforming themselves and the world along with at the same time.

Each spiritual journey, whether for an individual, small or big group, although covering mainly the same sites over the Nile Valley, is always unique in its pattern.

This service is only active November-April each year because of weather conditions.


Spiritual coaching

With a minimum of 6 sessions, Tamara helps guide and coach the client through any life issue they might be struggling with. She incorporates her healing abilities, NLP coaching, knowledge of psychology and her own life experiences to maximize the benefit for the client.

After each session, the client will have “homework” to be done, in order to move on to the next meeting. All healing requires dedication on behalf of the client, but this service requires clear commitment and practical work.

Each session ranges between 50-60 minutes and is held face-to-face or via video communication.


Spiritual Mediumship

Tamara’s mediumship abilities developed upon the passing away of her brother. She found she was able to communicate with his soul all the time. She also found she would spontaneously give her clients messages from their passed loved ones once they were mentioned, so she accordingly experimented with mediumship sessions and was given an average of 90% accuracy on very intricate details sent to her from the other side.

These sessions are held face-to-face, by audio or even text communication with the client. Two or three clear pictures of the deceased are needed to initiate channeling.