Sekhem Signature Healings

Sekhem healing

This is the basic one-on-one energy healing session. It ranges between 40-60 minutes depending on when the healer intuitively wraps up the work. The healer connects to the subject face-to-face, by audio connection or simply telepathically, where they would still correspond before and after the healing is done.

You could opt for this healing if you suffer from any symptoms and just for developed wellness. It is also a suitable choice if it is your first session, and/or if you know you need help but cannot determine in which way. The energy flows into you providing the amount of healing you are ready to receive.

PLR hypnosis

Past-life regression (PLR) hypnosis helps people go back in time to heal karmic traumas and surpass them. Tamara has been trained as a PLR hypnotist, and since her training, she found the mystical aspect of her work usually comes in during the healing phase, where neteru and/or ascended masters assist with the healing.

Sessions are done either face-to-face or through video communication. The client needs to guarantee they would remain relaxed and uninterrupted for the whole duration. The average session lasts between 40-90 minutes, depending on what happens during it.

Art healing

During these sessions, either face-to-face or through video communication, Tamara channels meditations for the client depending on the issue being worked on, and afterwards the client would transfer the flow of energy on paper via colors. Very suitable for clients who need to find their life purpose and/or let go of unneeded old patterns and beliefs. The sessions would be in the range of 45 minutes.

Tamara’s background in fine arts helps her, in addition to her intuition, to interpret the outcome of the visual product.

If done through video conversation, the client would have to provide the material themself.


Coaching and Teachings

Spiritual coaching

With a minimum of 6 sessions, Tamara helps guide and coach the client through any life issue they might be struggling with. She incorporates her healing abilities, NLP coaching, knowledge of psychology and her own life experiences to maximize the benefit for the client.

After each session, the client will have “homework” to be done, in order to move on to the next meeting. All healing requires dedication on behalf of the client, but this service requires clear commitment and practical work.

Each session ranges between 50-60 minutes and is held face-to-face or via video communication.

Meditative dance

Open to both men and women as all other services on this website.



Sekhem Doll

A quick, concise technique that has been channeled to Tamara to identify main information of the subject’s chakras and aura, telling of his/her power attributes and issues that need work.

Sent via e-mail once the subject has communicated with Tamara.

Tarot Reading

A 20-minute reading that taps into the subject’s 9 chakras providing insight into the enquirer’s current situation and pointers on how to move forward.

Face-to-face or video/audio communication.

Dream interpretation

A detailed interpretation of the client’s dream sent by e-mail. Tamara would be making sure she has all details through e-mail correspondences first before the final interpretation is sent. Please make sure to cover all details of how the dream was, including weather, light, scents/smells, feelings during dream, etc.



Spiritual mediumship

Tamara’s mediumship abilities developed upon the passing away of her brother. She found she was able to communicate with his soul all the time. She also found she would spontaneously give her clients messages from their passed loved ones once they were mentioned, so she accordingly experimented with mediumship sessions and was given an average of 90% accuracy on very intricate details sent to her from the other side.

These sessions are held face-to-face, by audio or even text communication with the client. Two or three clear pictures of the deceased are needed to initiate channeling.


Group activities

Circles, workshops & retreats

To be tailored according to clients needs. Contact Tamara for information on holding circles, workshops or retreats within Egypt or abroad.



Spiritual paintings

The perfect gift for a loved one. Tamara combines her spiritual and artistic talents to create unique art that helps with the client’s personal development. The art is totally channeled as with all her work.

Recorded AUDIO meditations

Coming soon.