Sekhem healing is the shamanic discipline and healing modality of lioness goddess Sekhmet, Ancient-Egyptian goddess of Healing and War. The meaning of the word sekhem is power. This is the perfect naming of the channeled energy as it is all about the enlightenment, empowerment and transformation of the human soul.

As with all true healing, Sekhem focuses on the free will of the subject; no healing takes place except with the person’s own will. Once that is achieved, Sekhem energy would transform anyway, regardless of whether the subject receives formal healing or not, as it is a concept–a rule of the Universe.



To provide an accurate image of such transformation, the myth of Sekhmet is in order. Ra sent Hathor in the form of ferocious Sekhmet to punish humanity after they stopped living with the rules of Maat, goddess of law, order, harmony and balance. She caused bloodshed which caused them to repent, and accordingly Ra spared them. Ordering her to stop was not possible because she had become thirsty for blood. Ra then poured beer mixed with pomegranate juice on her path so that she would become drunk and she did. She fell asleep after all the destruction she caused, and upon awakening, she first saw Ptah, and they fell in love and accordingly the world healed (Hill, 2016).

Sekhem nature:

Sekhmet, the Eye of Ra, is of course connected to sun energy. Her energy is pure Fire energy that runs through the channel to the subject, easily identifying where unhealed issues are, and it penetrates the deepest parts of the energy field to remove any blockages, may they be deep-seated childhood/trauma issues, karma or even possession. Energies of Bastet (protection and pleasure), Hathor (love, nurturing and beauty), and Wadjet (life-force/Kundalini) work usually work together along with Sekhmet in order to help the subject internalize the essence of Maat (balance and harmony).

As with all shamanic disciplines, the channel uses the aid of all natural elements to work the energy, be it crystals, candles, incense, herbs, fruits, vegetables, talismans and/or anything else. Sound is an integral part of any healing, as the channel uses inspired chants, ancient and star languages, and also several instruments of percussion.

The healing/rituals:

Each and every ritual is different depending on what the subject(s) is/are ready to receive. During the healing, one can expect an array of feelings and sensations that vary from perceived negative (as an effect of shadow work) to extreme positivity and bliss. Either way, the subject is advised to accept everything as it surfaces, up to 7 days after the healing, aiding their return to stability by drinking a lot of water, eating healthily and attempting not to engage in worldly drama.