Yes, Tamara is simply the soul name of Maryam.

If it is a distant session, make sure you are in a relaxed place and that you hopefully won’t be interrupted. Take off your watch and belt, and make sure the phone is silent or on airplane mode and also placed away from you. Release all expectations; the session could be completely blissful and negative emotions could surface in preparation to release, making one irritated, sad or simply uncomfortable. Scroll down for post-session help.

These are mainly two ancient healing languages, one channeled to me by the Ancient-Egyptian family. The other one that sounds more “robotic” is called the Meïa and is a star language channeled to me through shaman Lydia Thunder Buffalo during a healing session I received from her. Both languages, along with the chanting, are sound-healing techniques. I sometimes understand the gist, just as any other channel of spiritual language, and I rarely understand details of the what is being said. Overall, the language works either way, as it is its frequency that matters, regardless of how the limited human mind comprehends it.


The frequencies always resonate with deep issues, helping in removing them and deprogramming the subject’s energetic field from them. The sounds usually start as “pretty” in the beginning as they represent the light coming in to heal. In a short time, because of how they are stirring the negativity within, they could become intimidating or challenging from the subject’s perspective. During the session, at some point, the sounds might become intense or ugly, and this is exactly when the negativity has surfaced, and therefore the sounds correspond with the amount of negativity. As for me, it is part of the channeling; the perceived “suffering” the subject may think I am going through is usually the final step before the client is freed of the negativity and I remain well.

As explained above, it is all because negativity surfaces, causing apparent pain, whether physical or emotional, or both. It is necessary to remain calm and accepting, and to trust that these are only temporary pains as part of a healing crisis.

Again, as mentioned above, you could have a healing crisis, meaning that negative emotions hurt physically or emotionally as they leave the body and the auric field. Similarly, you could very well just find yourself relaxed, happy and very positive and energized, which is what happens anyway, but sometimes one has to go through the healing crisis first. What is important is to try to detach from stress and negativity, eat healthily and drink lots of fluids to help the detox. Avoid alcohol to make the process easier for yourself, at least for three days after the session.

Of course, I am always available for my clients once I have done them any healing, especially for a week afterwards. Just send me an e-mail or a Facebook message and I will reply as soon as possible.

As explained in the Sekhem section of the website, Sekhem is a deep-healing modality that helps remove layers of lifetimes of trauma and suffering. The testimonials section tells of personal experiences with the quality and positive results of Sekhem.

In shamanism, we have full understanding that the universe, as part of its balance, includes both light and dark forces. How we are different is that we are not scared by the dark forces, and therefore we are able to tap into them to remove them. Because we go very deeply into unwanted issues to remove them, and because we communicate with spirit, and because we achieve deep, positive results in what is perceived as short time, and because it looks from the outside as “simple,” people, because of old social programming are tempted to think we are being aided by unpleasant forces that makes us this powerful. This is a simple rule of the universe: Do not fear the dark; know that the light within is much stronger than any evil, and with that belief, miracles become an everyday Truth.

No, I channeled the system directly from the Forces above at the Karnak Temple while meditating at Sekhmet’s Chamber, and have been trained intuitively without the help of any other Sekhem healer. Check The Healer’s section for more details.

A channel becomes one once his/her auric body has become a perfect vessel for holding that energy. Therefore, you would find all channels are deeply passionate about their own modalities as they are the perfect ones for them personally. Other than that, I have witnessed great results achieved through Sekhem, and I contend it is one of the deepest healing modalities out there.

Currently none. I have only taught one person who is now a beautiful Sekhem healer herself. She learned the old way by attending Sekhem healings and circles until she was once spontaneously initiated into the system through me, after a circle. I later trained her and witnessed her practice before I named her a Sekhem healer. If interested in following such a path, please contact me.

Sometimes people suffer, thinking there are things that have been left unsaid. They have no comprehension of how our loved ones and always near and listening anyway. I have witnessed how mediumship helps relieve grieving hearts and accomplish necessary closures. Personally, communicating psychically with my passed brother’s soul since the first day he left the physical plane has made it much easier for me to heal and move on with my life in contentment and peace.

It is true that Sekhem healing does the same job anyway, but sometimes, especially for people who are very analytical and mentally active, they like to KNOW what has happened in order to obtain detailed understanding of the source(s) of their issue(s). The past governs our lives anyway with negative beliefs, karma and trauma, and going back through PLR only helps to achieve closure and peace through the healing of the issues found.

Stay healthy, drink lots of water. Keep the basics at your disposal at all times: Salt, rosewater, coconut products, etc. Contact me for further and more specific details.

Each journey is unique because of its elements. The site, although could be the same, will be affected by the different cosmic energies; the client as a person grow each moment and therefore when they visit that place their readiness and openness to receive would be different; accordingly, Tamara’s guidance and leadership through the journey would change intuitively to maximize the benefit for all involved. The healing that takes place is mostly done along the journey without resorting to the same structure as the regular sessions held in/from indoor Cairo.